Name Language Version Size Mirror Notes
NFO Creator [X]Eng [X]Fr 3.5.2 2.71Mb #1 I've losted the source, no updates comming, sorry
PowerDivX [-]Eng [X]Fr 1.2.1 3.67Mb #1 If you like winMedia 6.4, you like some little function added to this light player.
Universal Cracker [X]Eng [?]Fr SOURCE (vb6) 0.01Mb #1 Looking for a solution to pack DLL in the EXE. Program fully working.
Movie2Ascii [X]Eng [-]Fr SOURCE (vb6) 0.01Mb #1 Need video frame to bmp conversion module/Output compression format program in alpha state.
Programs distributed as sources are distributed to let you ameliorate them. If you add function/correct bugs/finish something or anything else significative, you should (you must) send me back the source and I'll put the new version on the site.
Ps.: You don't need to send me back a source if you just personnalised it.